Keynote Addresses

  • Squandered Opportunities and Potential Paths: Mainstream Development in Sri Lanka, 14th Centre for Poverty Analysis (CEPA) Symposium on Development and Infrastructure, Colombo, Sri Lanka, November 23-24, 2015
  • From a Knowledge of Forms to Forms of Knowledge: Learning by Doing, Faculty of Architecture Research Unit Conference, Hambantota, Sri Lanka, December 13-14, 2013
  • Transforming Asian Cites: Urban and Planning Practices, Plenary, XV International Planning History Society (IPHS) Conference, Sao Paulo, Brazil, July 15-18, 2012

  • Approaching Asian Planning: Viewing the Production of Space from the Spaces of Production, Ninth International Congress of Asian Planning Schools Association (APSA), Colombo, Sri Lanka, August 27-28, 2007
  • Engaging the Asian City, Asia Link Workshop on City Design, CEPT, Ahmedabad, January 12-15,2005
  • Explaining Colombo: The Contested History of a Colonial City, Symposium on Urban Renaissance through City Architecture, Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall, Sri Lanka Institute of Architects (SLIA), February 22, 2002

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Conference papers

  • Transforming Dharavi: The Power of Place, 4th International Conference on Locality as Alternative Values: Resistance, Hybridism, Autonomy, Busan, Korea, December 14, 2012
  • Globalization and the Asian City: An Inside-Out View, Rethinking Asia in the Age of Globalization, Hong Kong, China, Dec 1-2, 2011

  • Competing Views: Legibility, Resistance and the Redevelopment of Dharavi, World Planning Schools Congress, Perth, Australia, July 4-7, 2011
  • The Transforming Asian City: Spatial Practices, Knowledge, and Emergence, World Planning Schools Congress, Perth, Australia, July 4-7, 2011
  • Competing Views, Legibility, and Resistance: The Redevelopment of Dharavi, Global Urban Frontiers: Asian Cities in Theory, Practice and Imagination, National University of Singapore, Sep 8-9, 2010
  • Urban-Rural Third Spaces, Rural-Urban Networks and Transitions in Asia, Rural-Urban Networks and Transitions in Asia: Re-Spatializing Cultural and Political Imagineries, National University of Singapore, Feb 25-26, 2010
  • Learning from Yangon: A Fulbrighter's perspective, Fulbright ASEAN 2016 Conference, Jakarta, March 17-19, 2016
  • Beyond the Intellectual Impasse: Understanding the South Asian City, South Asian Institute Conference, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, April 24-5, 2014
  • Social Justice and the Subaltern: A People’s Struggle in Bhubaneswar, Social Justice and the City Conference, Hong Kong, Dec 4-6, 2013
  • Immersive Learning: Lessons from the Field, Asian Planning Schools Association Conference, Taipei, Taiwan, November 1-3, 2013
  • Asian Modernity: From Lived Spaces in Chharanagar, Writing the Global City: A Tribute to Anthony D. King, Binghamton, NY, October 4-5, 2013
  • Connecting Aid to People: Coordinating the Top and the Bottom of External Aid Programs, Lessons from Indonesia’s Experiences in Disaster Reconstruction and Preparedness, Multi Donor Fund for Aceh and Nias, Jakarta, Indonesia, November 12, 2012
  • People’s Spaces: Familiarizing Colonial Colombo, South Asia Conference, Madison, WI, October 12-14, 2012

Invited Presentations


  • Transforming Asian Cities: Urban and Planning Practices, Architecture and Planning, Department, Yangon Technological University, Yangon, Myanmar, Dec 26, 2013
  • Ordinary Spaces: Approaching how People Create Their Own Spaces, Peradeniya University, Kandy, Sri Lanka, December 19,2012
  • People’s Spaces: An Informal Conversation, LIRNEasia, Colombo Sri Lanka, December 12, 2012

  • Planning after the Civil War: Approaching the Development of Mullaitivu and Oddusudan, The University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka, June 18, 2012

  • Critical Vernacularism: A Locally Produced Global Difference, Assumption University, Bangkok, Thailand, May 29, 2012

  • The Transforming Asian City: Impasse, Spatial practices, Emergence, The University of the Philippines, Manila, Philippines, March 8, 2012

  • People’s Spaces: Exploring How People Create Their Own Spaces, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany, April 19, 2012
  • Engaging Communities: The CapAsia Experience, Centre for Excellence for Urban and Regional Development Program for June-July 2016, Yangon University, Myanmar.
  • Panelist: Building Awareness on Yangon Peri-Urban and Urban Land Issues and Perspectives for Acton Workshop, Yangon, Myanmar, May 19, 2016
  • My Research: My Work and Methodologies, Presented to PhD students, Yangon Technological University, Yangon, Myanmar, January 27, 2016
  • In Search of Asian Urbanisms: The Limited Visibility and the Intellectual Impasse, The Taipei National University, Taipei, Taiwan, April 29, 2014
  • People’s Spaces: Familiarizing Colonial Colombo, The Taipei National University, Taipei, Taiwan, April 28, 2014

  • Emerging Asian Urbanisms, Department of Urban Planning, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL, April 11, 2014

  • In Search of Asian Urbanisms, Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies and Department of Urban Planning, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, IL, March 10. 2014

  • The CapAsia Program: Learning by Doing, Association of Architects, The Ministry of Construction, Yangon, Myanmar, December 27, 2013